Beer on Tour: Munich

Munich is a great place for a beer fan to end up and I was very fortunate to have a free day to enjoy the local fare. Having recently read Stan Heironymus’ excellent ‘Brewing with Wheat’ I was particularly keen to visit Schneider’s Weisses Brauhaus in Tal, the site of their original 1863 Brewery. We just made it after our concert with a little time before closing and were mightily impressed. I’ve come across the Original and Aventinus in Britain but the menu here had nine Different weisses… Most of the group went for an Aventinus, a rich, plummy, 8% Weiss Bock which I had talked up a bit but I tried the Hopfenweiss which was a revelation. A deep cloudy yellow, it was a fascinating blend of hop flavours and weiss character with no banana or clove but loads of fresh citrus combined with massive smoothness and a certain breadiness. There’s also a kind of green hop taste. Wonderful.


I then tried the Aventinus Eisbock, 12% and a bit like a thick banoffee bread pudding. Gorgeous but not for the faint hearted, the alcohol taste was also quite present. I think the standard Aventinus may be more rounded.

After a nice sleep on our free day we then visited the Hofbrauhaus. Complete with an awesome Oompah band and refusing to sell beer in anything less than a litre this place is a classic Munich beer hall. I had one huge dunkel which was a refreshing dark lager, not massively interesting but very clean, good for drinking in litres! We also had some fantastic food, I had a Braumeistersteak, pork with something close to potato dauphinois but a few people had the epic pork knuckle, a huge joint of tender meat.


Following this we headed back to Schneider to try more of their line up. I had a ‘Grunes’, a 6.2% organic blonde weiss, heavy with clove and very smooth, this is probably the closest I’ve had to a ‘normal’ Schneider weiss and was very lovely though I think my favourites remain Aventinus and Hopfenweiss. Adam, a total weiss addict, tried the Kristall which looked like a pilsner but had the most amazing fruity and spicy flavour. It would be a good choice for someone who wanted to try a nice weiss but didn’t like their beers cloudy.


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