Beer on Tour: Paris

This tour has kicked off with Paris. There’s fabulous sun, free public transport thanks to pollution levels and we have a bit of time to enjoy it; this is what touring should be like.

Since beer isn’t really a French speciality we decided to head to a friendly bar that sells a couple of nice Belgian Blondes on the first night. Round the corner from Gare de l’est and with a great, slightly old fashioned brasserie atmosphere I’d highly recommend it though unfortunately I forgot to write down the name. ..


Toby with Chouffes

We drank a couple of La Chouffes which are great yeasty blondes with a bit of hop in there too then called it a night. Today we had a free afternoon so headed down to the picturesque islands in the Seine. A bit touristy but there’s a lovely relaxed feeling here, highlights are the incredible flower market, Notre Dame and just over the river, Place des Voges. A thick steak and an ice cream rounded off an excellent afternoon.


Notre Dame through spring leaves

This evening we were back at our bar, drinking Grimbergen as we finished the Chouffe last night. This is a sweet, fruity blonde with hints of coriander seed that remind me of Tripel Karmeliet though it’s cleaner tasting and perhaps less interesting for that. In fact we soon finished this as well so it was then onto the 1664. This seems to taste an awful lot better than the stuff we get fobbed off with at home, it’s 0.5% stronger too.

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