A Special One… A Struise O.N.E!

“O.N.E. aka Our Nastiest Effort” is a massive quadruple from Struise. I believe I was told at the brewery that it starts life as a Pannepot, it doesn’t say it on the bottle though and that was six months ago so please correct me anyone if I’m wrong. Anyway, that’s already a pretty amazing quad but the O.N.E. has subsequently been aged in Bourbon barrels for twelve months.

The moment the faintly Bourbony aroma hits your nose you know it’s something special, it then pours very dark with a big fluffy tan head. In the mouth it seems a bit more subtle and complex than it’s Pannepot parent,  starting with high notes of oak, butter and maybe (Jess didn’t agree) apricot before mellowing to the deep, rich, spicy taste more like Pannepot, then finishing a tiny bit bitter, possibly with some cherry.

Interestingly we got less Bourbon in the mouth than in the nose but there’s plenty else to enjoy. The beer has amazing complexity, there’s a real journey with each mouthful and it manages to be thick but frothy, with a velvety mouth feel and very drinkable despite being 10%. Want more of this, I think we’ll have to go back to Belgium soon…

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