Beer on Tour: Tokyo and Osaka

We’ve now returned after an excellent trip to Japan. The culture is so utterly different it’s a fascinating place to spend time. We had amazing food and great service everywhere, and fantastic audiences, with a warm and enthusiastic reception at all of our concerts.

Highlights of the week included a historic Japanese garden right next to our hotel which was full of stunning autumn colour, amazing sushi of course, beautiful temples and shrines, the awesomely fast Nozomi bullet train, the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation where much to my son’s delight I met Asimo the robot, the beautiful Tokyo National Museum and totally crazy karaoke on the last night.


Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Generally we were drinking Japanese lagers like Asahi or Kirin which are nice and refreshing but not massively exciting. A couple of nights we had Asahi Black, apparently the original Asahi. This is quite tasty, a bit like a German dunkel lager with a rich roasted, sweet malt taste but quite a light body.


Sensoji Temple

We also found three really exciting bars which offered quite a lot more, they deserve their own articles so watch this space!

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