Beer on Tour: Munich

Last night we played in Munich’s Gasteig after taking the excellent ICE train down from the Rhineland. As we had a coach ride back to the hotel following the concert we picked up a couple of interesting looking bottles which Toby cunningly hid in a bush to cool down.

On the bus, we started with a Kloster Scheyern Hell. It has a rich malt aroma with a tiny bit of hop and lovely malty taste, a smooth, light drink.

We followed this with an Augustinerbräu Lagerbier Hell. Quite different, this is closer to a pilsner, lacking the sweet maltiness but with a little more hop interest. Again it’s light and smooth but is a slightly less interesting beer.

Back at the hotel we rounded off the evening with Franziskaner Dunkel Weizen. It has a bit more depth than a normal weiss, still sweet and faintly clovey but more bready than banana.

Today we’ve had some time in the centre of town, awaiting this evening’s flight. We enjoyed a hearty traditional lunch at Hofer, just off the central square. I had a particularly nice beef roulade, then a fantastic apfelstrudel, all washed down with Löwenbräu Hell. This is a typical refreshing, sweetish hell, but lacks something the Kloster Scheyern had, maybe the particularly clean, fresh maltiness.


Emmet enjoys a final schnitzel before we fly into the sunset.

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