Beer on Tour: Düsseldorf

Though the bulk of this tour is in Taiwan and Japan we have few days in Germany first, starting in Düsseldorf the home of Alt. Just down the river Rhine from Köln, there’s a long standing beer rivalry between the towns and it is inadvisable to ask for a Kölsch here or an Alt there. We had a lovely time in Köln earlier this year and I thought it would be interesting to see how the beers compare.

After last night’s concert we patronised Füchschen (little fox) Alt, a brewery recommended by our tour guide. At dinner we had seen a group order a keg to share which was brought out and set up on their table. Very cool, highly tempting but in the end we couldn’t get enough people together.


Serving from the barrel in Füchschen Alt.

Never mind, we were still served direct from a big barrel which was a nice touch. The beer is a glowing dark amber colour with a big fluffy head but without a massive nose. It’s light body reminded me of Kölsch, with which it shares a common ancestor, as did it’s heavy hopping, in fact Füchschen Alt had quite an earthiness about it with a bitter after taste though some are sweeter. It’s a nice refreshing drink that’s not too strong, perfect for post concert thirst quenching.


Happy faces.

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