Beer on Tour: Bremen

Yesterday we finished our tour in Bremen. Most of the day was spent traveling but after a good concert with a really appreciative audience we were treated to end of tour drinks by the management. Fittingly, the beer on offer was Becks which is from Bremen and is celebrating it’s 140 year anniversary. While it’s a fairly boring beer it does have quite a nice malty flavour though we found that it was too fizzy to be really thirst quenching as drinking it at any speed produced unwelcome, er, wind.


Pretty retro Becks label.

Following this we went to check out a little local brewery which had been recommended but sadly it was closed, probably as it was quite late on a Sunday evening. Still, we were in luck at the hotel bar which had a couple of interesting beers on tap. I tried a Köstritzer Dunkel which had a lovely dark colour like a stout. Its aroma brought to mind treacle, caramel and roasted scents, almost like coffee, though in the mouth it was a good deal more subtle with a light body and reasonable bitterness.


Adam with Dunkel and Weiß.

Adam loves his Weißbiers and tried one by Schöfferhofer. It was fair bit richer than the Andechs Weiß we had been drinking earlier in the week, I thought it was a bit more citrusy, had more banana and even had a bit of bubblegum. It still wasn’t overly sweet, however, and was another enjoyable beer.

It was a great tour but I’m pleased to be home and see the family, next we’re going to Taiwan and Japan, beer recommendations please!

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