Beer on Tour: Les Diablerets

We’ve spent the last couple of days high in the Swiss Alps. On a mammoth coach journey yesterday we had fantastic views of stunning mountains and lakes including the snowy Jungfrau.


Jungfrau from coach.

Today we had the morning off and a few of us walked up from the village to the sheer cliff face above which the peak of Les Diablerets looked down at us from 3209m.


The sun blasts over Les Diablerets' rocky peak.

The air here is bright and energising, the views incredible and on the way back down we had a little dip in the river which runs off the glacier… It gave a few seconds of lovely cool then massive pain as my muscles cramped hard in protest at the cold. Big kudos to Moritz who fully submerged himself in the freezing water, despite repeated attempts I only managed to get my feet and ankles in.


View back down into the valley.

After last night’s concert our management bought us all Sagres Cervejas which bizarrely are Portuguese. It seemed pretty mass produced lager but there was a tiny bit of interest in the flavour both from malt and hops. Unfortunately this was almost totally wiped out by very harsh carbonation that left my tongue numb.

At the hotel both nights we’ve unexpectedly been drinking Kloster Andechs Weißbier like we found in Wiesbaden. Again I’ve appreciated it’s refreshing qualities, not being too sweet and fruity and having a definite, and unusual for a Bavarian Weiß, hop bitterness in the aftertaste. Perfect post concert refreshment.

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