Belgium: Day 7

Well today is our last day of holiday. It’s been a lovely week, everyone we’ve met has been friendly, helpful and often interested to have a little chat, frequently about beer. The beer itself has been outrageous, it seems there is a little brewery in every village and as well as drinking the famous beers I’ve really enjoyed discovering some that are less well known- Poperings Hommelbier and Watou’s Wit Bier really stood out for me.

The day has been spent getting ready for an early departure tomorrow morning, trying to safely stow over a hundred bottles in the car and tidying the cottage. A good example of local friendliness occurred when I took my empties to be recycled:

Having searched everywhere in the local village for the recycling bins I went into the cafe which had sold me Karmeliets on the first night to ask directions. After quite a few explanations and misunderstandings the barman came out to see what I was trying to get rid of. Once he saw he told me I needed to take the bottles back where I had bought them as I would get a small refund for them. I said I no longer had the chance so he offered to take them and when we returned to the cafe the barmaid gave me a big bottle of Leffe Christmas beer in return. Score!

My last drink on Belgian soil was a La Trappe Isid’or. I read that it was named after the first La Trappe brewer at the Poperinge hop museum and was intrigued so when I saw it I had to try it. The beer pours a nice amber colour and is both well bittered and yeasty, perhaps a bit like a slightly darker version of a Chimay Blonde. I like it very much and look forward to returning to Belgium to drink some more!


Bye bye Belgium!

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