Belgium: Day 5

Today we visited Ypres or Ieper. We hadn’t planned anything war related for the holiday but there were so many sites right on our doorstep, Jess is really into her history and while we were having fun it seemed respectful to remember what people went through here. Particularly moving were an excavated trench outside the town, the Menin Gate and St. George’s, an English memorial church in Ypres. At lunch Jess had a Tongerlo Prior Tripel which was nice and hoppy, not so yeasty as some. I tried the Tongerlo Bruin which I found good and spicy, especially given its strength of only 6.5%.


The beautiful rebuilt centre of Ypres

Back at home we shared a Lindemans Kriek to cool off. We like it’s decent level of bitterness, it really tastes like sour cherry. At 3.5% it’s also really refreshing.

To round off our visit we had the Struise Ypres. It’s a 7% double barrel aged 2009 brew which smells of rich date and dried apple or pear. The taste starts similar with some oakiness too but finishes really sour! Quite thin in body, it’s full of flavour and completely different from anything we’ve had before. Very interesting, we like.


For dinner we had the carbonnades which had been marinating over night. It was more heavily spiced than we expected but yummy. We also tried some of the local beers Jess bought yesterday:
Watou Kapittel Blond from Brasserie Van Eecke is sweet, fruity, malty, light and not very hoppy.
Watou Tripel, made by St. Bernadus, is hoppy, quite light, not too yeasty and at 7.5% is low for a tripel. We prefer it to their St. Bernadus Tripel which is much sweeter.
Watou’s Wit Bier, also from Van Eecke is quite different. It smells almost like orange blossom and has a beautifully subtle citrus and light spice flavour. Very nice.

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