Belgium: Day 3

We’ve had a pretty quiet day today, just popped to the supermarket where we bought a St. Bernardus Abt, two Rochefort 10s and some Chimay cheese. And lots more boring shopping, we can’t live on just beer… Everything was so cheap, Westmalle Dubbel was less than a euro!


This would be pretty exciting most days...

On the way home we happened to drive past St Sixtus, the abbey where Westvleteren is brewed. We have beer reserved for Wednesday but stopped at their cafe In de Vrede for a bite. It was amazing just to find the three Westvleteren beers for sale, we had a 12 each and also had croque monsieurs with cheese made at the abbey. Josh had an abbey cheese sandwich which came with a huge hunk of the tasty cheese, so big that we sadly had to help him finish it. On the way out we picked up a couple of six packs of 12 along with some ginger bread, paté made with Westvleteren 8 and a chunk of cheese.


... but most days you don't pick up this much Westvleteren!

When home I bbq’d some sausages and we tried the Struise Black Albert. It’s unbelievably thick and strong at 13% but still drinkable, a little bitter and has loads of flavour- it’s not overwhelmed by the alcohol.

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