Belgium: Day 1

We’ve come to Belgium for a week on holiday today, staying in a nice cottage in the countryside that’s not too far a drive for our three year old. While packing this morning I phoned the Westvleteren beer line to make a reservation… about 300 times… but eventually got an answer, massively exciting! Reserved two cases (48) of blonde as that’s what will be available next week.

Then we got in car and drove. We were really impressed by how quick and easy Eurotunnel was, then, after about an hour’s drive including getting a bit lost we found the cottage. It’s a beautiful barn conversion with a huge garden which will be perfect for entertaining little Josh.


Cottage and big garden

One slight downside of being in the country is that no shops are open anywhere near but I found bread for breakfast in, er, a vending machine, and a cafe that sold me two Tripel Karmeliets to take away on condition I returned the bottles. The locals seemed to have enjoyed a few already but were very friendly and proud of their local beers.

When I got back to the cottage Jess had found some very special glasses for our first little tipple. Karmeliet is a lovely sweet and spicy strong blond and made for an excellent start to the holiday.


Nice glasses!

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