Beer on Tour: Dresden


We’re staying in the city centre here and seeing all the rebuilt old town and the Frauenkirche where we are playing is amazing and a bit moving.


Found a great beerhaus called “Zum Schießhaus” slightly out of town in the style of a hunting lodge with antlers and stuffed animals, etc. Toby’s on the Zwick’l Kellerbier 5.3%, “sweet, rich, full bodied, refreshing, perfect!”.


I’ve been recommended a dark beer, Schwarzer Steiger, by the waitress. It’s got a lovely malty scent with hop notes and in the mouth these are nicely balanced by some bitter roasted malt flavours. There’s an interesting light treacley flavour too, it’s not too strong, very refreshing, perfect for after a concert!


Emily is drinking mead: “sweet appley nectar” and apparently the food is very good here too.

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One thought on “Beer on Tour: Dresden

  1. the mermaid muse

    Glad you’re having a great time, but I miss you! Jess x

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