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I currently have a number of brews at different stages and have received a very exciting package in the post! Here’s what’s going on:



My two first extract brews, the Brewferm Gregorius and Furioso are all done. Both stopped fermenting (attenuating) around a specific gravity of 1.020 meaning there were quite a few sugars that hadn’t fermented and making the beer a little on the sweet side (a little under attenuated). However, the Gregorius is lovely, very fruity and spicy and with a wonderful aroma. The Furioso is meant to be a Tripel- a lighter (in colour, but higher abv) beer and as such the sweetness at first made it a bit too syrupy, not very refreshing. It seems to be ageing well though and after good few weeks lagering and a month and a half in the bottle the flavours are more distinct. There’s a real caramel taste but it’s not unpleasant and it no longer covers the more yeasty and hoppy flavours.



The Brewferm Framboos, from a can, went straight into a keg after fermenting and has turned out pretty well. There’s a massive Raspberry aroma to it but the actual taste is quite balanced as it’s heavily bittered. Nice light summer drink though it’s around 6% so still a bit strong for quaffing.



44 bottles!

44 bottles!

Most excitingly for me I now have two extract brews to my own recipe finishing, one just bottled and the other I’ll probably bottle next week. The aim was for something a bit like a spicy Belgian Dubbel that’s not too sweet or too strong. Ingredients wise it’s fairly basic but I used Wyeast 3787, apparently the Westmalle yeast, and had a strict temperature regime starting at 20 C and rising to 26 C as this is how the yeast is used in Belgium. The first batch has attenuated really well down to 1.008 and on bottling already has a nice dry, spicy, yeasty flavour. It’s a little lighter than I’d hoped though, somewhere in between a Dubbel and a Tripel and being so well attenuated it’s also stronger than anticipated, about 8% though it doesn’t taste too strongly of alchohol thankfully.

A box...

A box…



Finally to the box, having discovered the excellent Beermerchants.com via Google I ordered a batch of beers, mostly Trappist, and the beautiful La Trappe glass. The other glass in the picture was a freebie as delivery was slightly delayed (only by a few days), nice customer service!






And it's contents!

And it’s contents!

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