A Few Brews and a New Bar

Work’s been really getting in the way of all things beer recently, though I suppose it does pay for ingredients and taste testing so I can’t really complain. Anyway, there will be a stout tasting blog up soon, promise! Until then…

The Furioso is near bottling time. On day three of the fermentation I top cropped some yeast, just sterilised a ladle and a wide jar then scooped it from the top, popped it in the jar, added some boiled water and refridgerated it.

Ladling yeast from on top of the fermenting wort

Ladling yeast from on top of the fermenting wort

I’m not using this yeast for anything else so it was just for insurance really. In fact, after ten days the hydrometer seemed stuck at 1.020 so I took it out of the fridge, added a little white sugar and after 24 hours repitched it. It seemed to do really well at first, making another nice yeast head on the beer but unfortunately ten days later it’s still reading 1.020. So… Should I just give up and bottle? It should be safe if I don’t prime, right? Next time I’m going to try adding a little acid in the boil and raising the fermentation temperature after a couple of days to the mid twenties, any other suggestions would be welcome.

I have also started a Brewferm Framboos fermenting. Jess has been wanting me to do one of these for ages, is also a bit of a dry run for when we get our large raspberry crop from the allotment this summer. It seems to be going well after a week, still bubbles in the airlock and yeast on top. Smells very raspberryish!!! Not an awful smell to be greeted with when I open the brewery/cupboard door though!

Tomorrow we are going to try the selection at The Post Office Vaults. Very excited, I think my first will be a St Bernardus Abt, hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of a write up…

To aid in these situations, Jess kindly bought me a Moleskine Beer Journal today. It looks pretty funky and has sections for Tasting, Cellar, Recipes and a big Homebrewing bit. So far it’s got four entries in the Cellar section: a Hoxton Stout (Redchurch Brewery), a Pannepot (Struise Brouwers), an Orval and a Progress (Black Sheep). These clearly need adding to.

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